Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sun Fiesta 2014

This whole weekend at the continental Park in Downtown Venice has been dedicated to what has become known as Sun Fiesta which is in it’s 42nd year of celebration. The event kicked off Friday Evening and will run until Sunday or tomorrow evening. They have many vendor’s from boats and jewelry to psychic readers. Plenty of food to satisfy ones appetite and the entertainment is all local talent from school bands to dancers and a teenage beauty pageant. Some other attractions included an old fashioned fire truck and plenty of music pumping through the P.A. to keep the crowd happy during intermissions. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Crystal

Like the inner sight of a crystal
When I close my eyes, the images I see.
Time seems to talk to me
By the water my mind can fly
Looking into the sky my power grows
The messages I hear
By the touch of another’s hand
A deep emotion I feel.
Like the Phoenix out of the flame
Death is only a rebirth
As the centuries have come and gone.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time Travel

I'm traveling though the tunnel of time and everything is flashing in my face. Blinking lights turn into straight lines and the walls slowly fade away while watching as the years just speed by.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can You

Can you hear the music that's near
Can you see the vision I've envisioned
Can you feel life on its true side
Can you love someone from distant times
Can you breath all you've learned
Can you cry when the sun burns
Can you laugh when everything churns

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Their Intrusive

They’ll come to your door
Dressed in their best suit
Touting their belief in hand
While calling you brother or sister too.

Trying to sell Jesus’s to every women and man
And if it’s not the Christian’s it’s the Baptists
Going Praise the Lord Praise the Lord
Preaching and reading and spewing their fear.

Tell you to save your soul
Ya gotta believe
They’ll preach he’s the lord and savior
Try to get you on your knees

Day or night they’ll pass out fliers
They don’t care bout what background you come from
Cause they don’t believe in your way
Try to convert you to say his name

They’ll frown upon your ideology
Their intrusive to your way of life
Their programmed to believe only one thing
And only one book is their way of life

Jesus said this and Jesus said that
Memorizing every line and paragraph
I’m Jewish I said, did you know Jesus was a Jew
I’m a Buddhist she said, did you know Jesus went to china too.

On the corner or down the street
Christian missionaries
In the USA or third world nations
Trying to sway five hundred year old customs

From African, Native American and Peruvian too.
They’ll start to preach their thing
Some will look confused or perplexed
And the Christians will view this as ignorant to their cause

you poor thing they’ll say let us teach you our way
They’ll point to a book one of seventeen different versions
Start reading the chapter of how Jesus will save your soul
They will dance and prance and tell you there is no other way

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

United Breaks Guitar (This is Funny)

United Airlines had broken Dave's guitar in checked luggage. After eight months of pestering the company for compensation, he turned to his best tool-songwriting-and vowed to create a YouTube video about the incident that he hoped would garner a million views in one year. Four days after its launching, the first million people had watched "United Breaks Guitars." United stock went down 10 percent, shedding $180 million in value; Dave appeared on outlets as diverse as CNN and The View. United relented. And throughout the business world, people began to realize that "efficient" but inhuman customer-service policies had an unseen cost-brand destruction by frustrated, creative, and socially connected customers.

"United Breaks Guitars" has become a textbook example of the new relationship between companies and their customers, and has demonstrated the power of one voice in the age of social media. It has become a benchmark in the customer-service and music industries, as well as branding and social-media circles. Today, more than 150 million people are familiar with this story.

In this book, you'll hear about how Dave developed the "just do it" philosophy that made him the ideal man to take on a big corporation, what it felt like to be in the center of the media frenzy, and how he's taken his talents and become a sought-after songwriter and public speaker. And businesspeople will learn how companies should change their policies and address social-media uprisings.

Since "United Breaks Guitars" emerged, nothing is the same-for consumers, for musicians, or for business. Whether you are a guitarist, a baggage handler, or a boardroom executive, this book will entertain you and remind you that we are all connected, that each of us matters, and that we all have a voice worth hearing.

Dave Carroll is a singer-songwriter and social media innovator from Halifax, Canada. Following his 2009 YouTube music video release called United Breaks Guitars, about his poor customer service experience with United Airlines, Dave's career blossomed and he is now a highly-sought-after performer, content creator, author, keynote speaker and consumer advocate.